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Secure Safe Storage

Commercial office space is not designed to store business records or excess business stock. It’s simply too expensive to use office space or even some warehouse space to store business materials. Self Storage is ideal and we have a full range of Self Storage spaces to suit your business. Are you relocating? Use our Self Storage facility whilst you relocate your business. Is your business expanding? Why not use Self Storage as an extra warehouse, many businesses do that today. Self Storage provides a cost-effective flexible addition to your business.


Use our storage, not yours

Don’t clutter up your business with record storage in excess furniture use our Self Storage spaces to free up that valuable space it could even prevent you from having to move. It’s important to use commercial space to generate income not to store excess business materials.

Use our storage to expand

Your business may be able to use our Self Storage spaces to expand without the need for your business to move into larger premises. Remember Self Storage spaces are flexible and are secured on simple storage agreements which have flexible terms and can be increased or decreased with very little notice, providing flexibility for the expansion of your business.


Your valuable goods are very important not only to you, but to us as well. Which is why we have CCTV surveillance for the security of your valuables. A unique electronic fob is  issued to you for access to the main building, which you can give to an employee to access the unit on your behalf, each unit is then locked with an insurqance approved individually keyed padlock.


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