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Secure Safe Storage

We understand that moving house is often a very stressful time for you. There is a lot happening and a lot of decision-making. Storing with Herefordshire Storage will be one easy decision and will put your mind at ease.


De-clutter your home

Are you selling your home? Use our Storage spaces to de-clutter and to store excess furniture whilst you are on the market. Your house will look bigger and prospective customers will be looking at your home rather than your furniture.

Use our storage, not your friends

Use our Storage spaces rather than your friends garage or your mother’s spare bedroom. Often they are not insured for your goods stored and it’s better that you stay friends with your friends and store your goods in a professional Storage facility like ours.


Your valuable goods are very important not only to you, but to us as well. Which is why we have CCTV surveillance for the security of your valuables. An individual private password to allow access onto site and security on individual units.

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