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Secure Safe Storage

At Herefordshire Storage we take security very seriously. We do not have signs advertising what we do on site, why advertise to all and sundry that we have your valuable items here?

We go to great measures to ensure your goods are protected around the clock; each storage unit can only be accessed by the unit holder by the use of an individually issued electronic fob to access the main building, along with individually keyed insurance approved padlock.


Security & Access

Closed Circuit Camera Surveillance

Herefordshire Storage is equipped with Digital Closed Circuit Surveillance Systems. The cameras are placed strategically throughout the property. Providing wide coverage of all activities.

The images are captured and stored for a considerable period of time, enabling powerful review capability.  In addition, all security systems have routine technical sweeps to detect faults for rapid repair and ensure the systems function.

Access Control Systems

Each customer is given a unique elctronic fob, that allows access to the building.


With Herefordshire Storage you lock your individual unit and keep the keys. You control who has access to your storage unit. There is no chance of anyone else having access to your valuable possessions, you control your own space.


Padlocks & Checks

Your padlock is a very important barrier and protection for your belongings.  At Herefordshire Storage we offer padlocks which have been chosen to best accommodate the self storage environment.


The locks are durable and robust. They are chosen for their corrosion resistant materials, such as brass and stainless steel; anti-pick mushroom pins and hardened shackle.



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