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Secure Safe Storage

We stock a range of boxes, bubble wrap and other packing material, tape and markers. We also sell padlocks with a unique key to ensure you are the only person who can access it. Below are rough examples of what different  size stroage units can  accomodate

Storage Unit Sizes

100 sq.ft Units

(approx 9.3 sqm)


The 100 sq ft container is often used as a ‘second garage’, much due to its size and available storage space. These units are also great for anyone moving from/to a larger 2/3 bedroom house that requires a little extra space for additional furniture and boxes.


In here you could fit 110 large storage boxes, or 220 medium boxes or the contents of a full Luton Van, and then some!.

200 sq.ft Units

Bespoke Units

At Herefordshire Storage we are happy to tailor make units to clients requirements, if space dictates.


Complete the enquiry form with your details or althernatively if you wish to speak to a human, please call the office on 07475 029 932 to discuss your individual requirements.

(approx 18.5 sqm)


The 200 sq ft container is equivalent to a 20ft shipping container. Suitable for the contents of a 3 bed house plus the garage contents


In here you could fit 150 large storage boxes, or 300 medium boxes or the contents of a shipping container.

size-10x10 size-10x20